Get introduced with Gmail business email service

From the beginning Gmail service becomes an indispensible medium to communicate with others. To keep this thing in mind, Gmail authority has introduced Gmail business email service which helps the businessmen to improve their relations with the investors, employees, co workers. It has vast account storage capacity which helps the users to keep unlimited mails for certain period. With the help of different latest features users can able to meet several official commitments. The best part is, users can customized this particular Gmail service. There are various opportunities are waiting for the users who are willing to use Gmail service for business purpose.

If the anyone asks about Gmail business email service or what are the latest features then users need to go through the benefits which are discussed below-

 Users will have 30 GB data storage capacity with business email account of Gmail.

 Users will be able to access email from their mobile in offline mode. They won’t require internet connection.

 Users will be secured with strong security layers.

 Users will have individual 30 GB storage capacity.

 Users will have full freedom to change the settings depending on their requirement and deadline.

 Users will be able to avoid spam mails with the help of spam filters.

 Users have full freedom to use Google calendar, Google hangouts for chat, video and voice calls on the Gmail business email account.

 Users can able to track the employee’s activities.

 Users won’t have to face about the delay in sending or receiving mails. Their password will be secured.

How to create business email account under Gmail service?

After knowing about the specialities of Business Gmail accounts if the users want to avail then they need to follow the set up process.

• Firstly, users need to choose the plan like monthly or yearly.

• Then, users need to duplicate the URL as Gmail address if they have business website.

• After that, users need to browse the free trial button to check out the features first.

• Next, users need to complete the administrative account information.

• After that, users need to read the terms and conditions and click on ‘’agree’’ option.

• Then, users need to mention the billing information. During trial period, users are eligible to add 10 accounts. So users need to add 10 accounts and it will start to work.

If the users have any doubt regarding Gmail business email service, then they can contact with the Gmail technicians. They work for 24x7 hour basis and give response over the toll free telephone services.

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